Electrical drafting and design is a vital component of many design projects. Technical drawings are the primary tool that engineering designers use to communicate their design plans to the people who are responsible for manufacturing the products. Accuracy and precision are essential for making sure the product meets specifications during manufacturing. And this means working with experienced and talented design & drafting technicians. Our Electrical Engineers & Designers have accumulated experience in the field of Transmission, Distribution and Utilization of Electrical Energy. And have specialized skill in system design & relay selec­tion and co-ordination. In addition, they are experienced in gas & process industries, power plants, desalination & fertilizer. Our team has extensive knowledge in Creating & Developing Single Line Diagram (SLD), Schematic drawings (SCH), Power diagrams and Control logic circuits. We are experienced in Creating Design and Drawings as per international Standards like IEEE, IEC, ANSI, BS, ISO & UL We are well versed in preparing electrical calculations such as short circuit current, VA burden, Bus bar sizing, etc. Also experienced in selection of Power and Control Cables, Electromechanical & Numerical relays with respective to the connected loads. We always concentrate on offering high-end electrical design & drafting services to our clients around the world.

The design & drafting capabilities include:

Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • 6kV, 11kV, 22kV & 33kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) panel design with various types of relays developed by ABB, Schneider, Alstom & etc.
  • 3kV Vacuum contactors panels, Load Break switches, Isolators and Auto Re-closer panels.
Low Voltage Switchgear
FORM– 4 Construction:
  • Motor Control Center’s (MCC) in cubical construction with indoor and outdoor application.
FORM– 2 Construction:
  • Power Control Center (PCC)
  • Metering & Protection panels
  • Control & Relay Panels
  • Auto change over panels
  • Street lighting Panels
  • Feeder Pillars
  • Transformer Relay Panels
  • Main and Sub distribution boards
  • Power Factor correction panels
  • Capacitor banks
Automation Systems

We are offering automation design and drafting solutions with core competence in Electrical, Instrumentation and Control systems.

  • SCADA system
  • PLC & DCS System
  • VFD system
  • Distribution Automation system
  • Unit Substations: Combination of Low voltage panel with Transformer
  • Package Substations: Combination of Low Voltage panel, Transformer & Ring Main Unit (RMU) mounted on a common skid base and housing
Customized Design Services
  • Pole and Pad mounted Transformers design services
  • Customized Electrical motor and generator design services
  • Transmission and distribution steel towers, poles and structure design services
  • Hybrid design Services to tie Solar / Wind / DG / Conventional Energy
  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Solar Roof Tops